Pagan Peeps: My messy house and the challenges of being radically domestic


I suck at keeping a clean house. I am awesome at all the domestic things but that one, which makes it an even bigger failure in my mind. I studied English and Interior Architecture & Design in college. I can make beautiful spaces out of hardly anything on no budget, so I’ve got no excuse for the…

Augh cleaning is something I have never dealt with well. If company is coming or something, it’s usually the day-before / day-of that I actually get to work. I just can’t motivate myself otherwise! Floors that are spotless one day are covered in clothes / bags / various crap by the end of the week. 

Although I do have limited space in my current living situation now, I really could make better use of the space we have. It’s something I’ve been actively working on. 

Oh and I’m also allergic to the universe, so cleaning without a dust mask/bandanna on my face means I feel like I have an upper respiratory infection for the following 2 days. :/ Not very motivating either.  

We can always work to improve our situations / ourselves though, and I try not to let it get me down. :) Even if my mother-in-law isn’t happy with my slow progress… ;) 

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