General Sherman (by BurlapZack)


General Sherman (by BurlapZack)

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How does crochet magic work? I crochet and would love to use it in my practice!


It’s kind of like knot-magic. Though, I don’t have the focus or patience to focus with EVERY stitch. But I focus on intent while I crochet an item, whether it’s a doily for my altar, or a poppet to stuff, or a spell pouch. There may be others who have a different process of using crochet in magic, but that’s how I do it! It is something I would like to experiment with more.


#wip on this sun-less Sunday


#wip on this sun-less Sunday



Litha Ceremony @ Ace of Cups : The witch cafe.

Can I live here or

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But have you considered glass?


Glass is quartz. It is ground and graded and melted and cast. You are forever viewing the world through flawless sheets of crystal (and iron).

The ancients would have shit themselves at the fineness of our glass. That we drink from and discard amber, emerald, and sapphire like they are nothing.

Your novenas are encased in tubes of crystal.

Your coffee mug is partially vitrified (turned to glass) coated in crystal paint, fused in a crucible 2000+ degrees.

I mean, carved quartz dishes are okay and all, but have you considered glass?


Homemade Autumnal Flavor, by Ms. Graveyard Dirt (I & II)

Chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius) season tapers off mid-autumn when the weather begins to cool. As their orange-frilled presence wanes, other edible fungi start making regular appearances until hard frost shuts down production for another year.

These chanterelles, tiny larch boletes and one of the large birch boletes went into a batch of Hungarian Mushroom Soup, and everything else - about 2lbs of it - was preserved for later eating. After enjoying two generous-sized bowls of soup the rest was carefully divided into small portions and frozen so I could enhance stews, sauces, gravies and other soups throughout winter with some homemade autumnal flavor.

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Nembrotha kubaryana

Nembrotha kubaryana, also known as the variable neon slug, is a species of colorful sea slug. This species occurs in the tropical Indo-West Pacific. It uses the toxins in its prey ascidians to defend itself against predators. It stores the ascidian’s toxins in its tissues and then releases them in a slimy defensive mucus when credits: dinca, Mark Harris, thalassagraphics, MerMate/Eunice Khoo

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